Building relationships with excellent vendors and steering them with gentle and clear guidance brings enhanced value to our clients.

This is part of the continuity that we provide, making sure that everyone is performing the same “magic” together for each client’s success.

Here are a few “soundbytes,” a glimpse behind the scenes with our vendors.

“The most important step for ensuring a successful market research initiative is a clear understanding of the project objectives and the client’s informational needs.  I find it very easy to work with Studio 313 in defining the goals and objectives of the research.  The collaboration of A&K Research expertise and Studio 313 marketing acumen leads to actionable results that benefit the client.”

Allan Benedict

President, A&K Research

“In my nearly 25 years working in direct mail, Studio 313 is one of my absolute favorite clients to work with.  Like us, they are ‘old-school’ and I mean that as the highest compliment possible.  We deal with quite a few agencies and marketing companies and trust me, working with many of them is NOT the same.

From the initial contact about a project, and through the entire process, they are genuinely perfect to work with.  And being at the end of the production process, we often need to pull off an occasional miracle, which would be impossible without the level of trust and communication we have with them.  It is truly my privilege to have Studio 313 as our client (and partner), and cannot recommend them enough for anyone looking for true marketing or advertising professionals to work with.”

Terry Delmotte

Manhattan Mailers